Following the tradition of Universal's Hollywood and Orlando theme parks, this park takes guests on a fantasy trip through the world of American blockbuster movies, with thrill rides, live entertainment, back-lot streets, restaurants, shops, and other attractions based on actual movies. Board a boat for a harrowing encounter with a great white straight out of Jaws, escape a T-Rex as you roller-coaster your way through a setting of Jurassic Park, dream your way through the mega-coaster Hollywood Dream, fly and leap at high speed among skyscrapers in the Amazing Adventures of Spider Man -- The Ride, and see, feel, and smell Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic or Shrek's 4-D Adventure (4-D in movie lingo means there are smells and other sensations). Unfortunately, most of the attractions have been dubbed into Japanese (I wonder why the original English isn't available on audio guide), so it helps to know the movies beforehand. Plan for an entire day here, but note that it is immensely popular: Avoid weekends, arrive early, and buy a Universal Express Pass Booklet, which allows priority entry into designated rides (the price of these varies by type, age, and advance purchase, so check the website).