The Oudtshoorn meerkats (also known as suricates) have starred in National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery Channel documentaries, but meeting them in person is far more satisfying. Grant Mc Ilrath, a.k.a. The Meerkat Man (he has been researching these fascinating creatures for over 15 years), will take you on a sunrise walking tour to a meerkat den and explain their habits and social interactions. The only problem, as with all wild animals, is that the meerkats may not be around when you want them to be -- so it's essential to confirm your booking with Grant by 3pm the evening before, and then wait for confirmation that the tour will take place. This is not the kind of tour to try and organize if you're staying in the area only overnight. Note: Getting hold of Grant can take time: SMS messages are the best form of communication; alternatively, ask your guesthouse if they can help.