When it opened in 2016, much was made of this small hotel's pedigree (one of its Founders was Facebook's sixth employee) and its Millennial-slanted tweaks (the cocktail bar is the check-in desk, guests text a number for assistance instead of using an in-room phone—there are none). But those quirks don't interfere with the quality of the facilities. One of the newest builds in town, located about a mile north of the center of town, the 32 high-ceilinged units gather around a tidy recreation area with pool, cabanas, steady bar service, spa, fire pits, a bocce court, ping pong, and an open-air restaurant serving Southern California cuisine. Facing the street, there's a quality coffee bar and an ice cream shop with flavors like date or sweet corn.

If it all sounds like it skews toward the hipster set, it does, but fortunately, the quality of the service (quick, competent) doesn't suffer for coolness or the talk-by-text conceit. Rooms, having recently been custom-built in happy agreement with the city's Midcentury Modern ethic, are very well soundproofed from the occasional pool party—summer weekends see those, and people who aren't staying here are permitted to join the frolic— and half of the units have a little concrete-block patio with a gas fireplace. Thoughtfully, management doesn't try to gouge you: Minibar items are reasonably priced, Wi-Fi is free, and there's no resort fee. There's a privacy loss resulting from the rooms' open-bathroom plan, but your shame levels would hopefully be significantly reduced if you're romantically involved with your roommate. High clerestory windows, too, may let in the light but make it tough to see the pretty mountains what's outside, a cloistered design that signals that Arrive is ultimately a place to play by the pool and then sleep undisturbed until late morning before you repeat the ritual.