The beleaguered Hard Rock Hotel bailed on Palm Springs in 2018, and the Zoso took over its facility nearly untouched. It moved into a low-slung, dirt-brown concrete hotel built in 1985, still aiming for a young, post-college crowd—so much so that guests are forced to sign an agreement not to bring in outside food or drink. (That's a problem.) Frequent events such as music festivals can pack both the rooms and a central pool around which its angled buildings are oriented. And about that pool: There's barely a lick of shade and, unaccountably for a hotel that wants a reputation for nightlife, it shuts down at 8pm. Behind doors, rooms are larger than the norm but their equipment isn't much different from a standard hotel, although most of them have a patio or balcony that is well-shielded from prying neighbor eyes. Ones facing the pool from the west wing have terrific mountain views. The hotel is literally around the corner from the city's biggest strip of gay bars, which brings us back to the central appeal of this property: It's good for a party. But if you want greenery, to feel pampered, or to vanish into a romantic escape, you're not its target market, because for all its preening, it feels a little harsh. Resort fee warning: $39/night.