If you're looking for a rich dose of Palm Springs style without extreme pricing or snobbishness, the Riviera, about a mile north of the heart of downtown, will suit you. The grounds are well laid-out: Five free-standing, two-level wings radiate from a large central free-form pool garden with plenty of greenery and a patio restaurant overlooking the sunbathers. It feels like an enclave because it was meant to do so: It opened in 1959 and spent a good many years as a hangout for the rich and famous, from Elvis to ol' Blue Eyes himself, who played its ballroom. You won't find celebrities here now, but the current owners have laid on a glitzy, mod-'60s décor to celebrate the heritage. The facilities are have swagger, but they need some repairs (creaky and chipped beds, tiles missing around the pool)—get those sorted and improve the service and this would be a jewel again—because it's undergoing an ownership change, that may indeed be in the cards. For now, it's just a nice, boho-chic choice for a dip, a cocktail, and a desert night spent poolside by a fire pit.