If we had to choose only one restaurant for a romantic night out in Palm Springs, we'd choose Copley's, the upscale American restaurant on Cary Grant's former property, and dine under desert trees and bright stars. The menu has something for most tastes—the duck and the lamb are particularly noted, the pound cake a signature—and even seemingly classic recipes such as Caesar's salad, in which croutons have been replaced with gently fried pineapple chunks, are jazzed up with refreshing twists. Copley's is a lot of people's favorite here in Palm Springs, and with good reason, since the well-conceived food melds so beautifully with a setting that evokes this resort town in its Hollywood heyday. Grant kept this compound as a supplement to his private home on the west side of Ruth Hardy Park—servers, most of whom have worked here for years, winkingly suggest the bungalows, which were remodeled into a bar and indoor dining room, are where the actor would stash his companion Randolph Scott away from prying eyes. A gentle fountain now stands where the swimming pool was, but it takes no feat of imagination to feel transported by the ranch-like setting that made this city such a magnet for style and fine living. It closes completely in mid-summer, and reservations are strongly suggested.