Located 7km (4 1/3 miles) from the Military Demarcation Line, Imjingak is a park and a monument, and includes a three-story building housing photos, documents, and anticommunist relics from North Korea. It was built in 1972, as a consolation for North Koreans living in the South who were unable to return to their homes and see their families and friends. It is a testament to the hopes of many Koreans that unification may be possible someday. It is surrounded by several war memorials, including Unification Park and the North Korea Center. Across from Imjingak is Mangbaedan, where North Koreans who live in South Korea come on New Year's and Chuseok to perform ancestral rites while facing their hometowns. Behind Mangbaedan is the Bridge of Freedom, which the South Koreans who fled the North during the war crossed when returning to their homeland. Imjingak is one of the few places in the DMZ that tourists can visit without having to go through security checkpoints.