This cemetery, established in 1795, lies west of Montmartre and north of boulevard de Clichy. Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, novelist Alexandre Dumas fils, Impressionist Edgar Degas, and composers Hector Berlioz and Jacques Offenbach are interred here, along with Stendhal and lesser literary lights such as Edmond and Jules de Goncourt and Heinrich Heine. A more recent tombstone honors François Truffaut, film director of the nouvelle vague (new wave). We like to pay our respects at the tomb of Alphonsine Plessis, heroine of La Dame aux Camélias, and Mme Récamier, who taught the world how to lounge. Émile Zola was buried here, but his corpse was exhumed and promoted to the Panthéon in 1908. In 1871, the cemetery was used for mass burials of victims of the Siege and the Commune.