This small village above Igls stands on the sunny western slope of the Pätscherkofel, with a panoramic view of the Stubai Glaciers. Lying on the old Roman road below the peak, Pätsch is only a short distance from the mountain's Olympics slopes.

In winter, Pätsch attracts visitors with its skiing (including cross-country runs), ice-skating, and curling; the resorts offer a ski school. Horse-drawn sleighs take you along snow trails. In summer, you can go on hikes, swim, or play golf and tennis. Summer skiing is also possible on the Stubai Glacier.

The most dramatic way to spend time in Pätsch involves taking a cable car, the Patscherkofelbahn (tel. 0512/377234; for information), up to the top of the Patscherkofel, a panoramic site at an elevation of 1,961m (6,434 ft.). From here, you'll have access to a cafe, a restaurant, and a network of hiking and ski trails. The cable car ride covers a distance of 4km (2 1/2 miles) and takes about 18 minutes. Round-trip passage costs 10€ to 20€ ($16-$31) for adults and 5.70€ to 11€ ($9.10-$17) for children. Except for a closing during November, it operates year-round daily from 9am to 4pm.