It’s surprising just how inviting a medieval castle can be. That’s partly because in the 19th century the Piceller family of musicians, artists, and archaeologists made this 13th-century stronghold their home, creating lounges surrounding massive fireplaces and a beautiful cloister garden dotted with ancient artifacts. These days the many nooks and crannies have been converted to utterly charming guest rooms embellished with wide beams, stone walls, and handcrafted iron and wood furniture, and equipped with large marble bathrooms. Adding to the ambience is a library tucked away on a landing, a cozy lounge bar in the old hall, a swimming pool surrounded by lawns, and a roof terrace on the old battlements. Though the castle is nestled on a rural hillside, the center of Perugia is only 10 minutes away on a road used by the Etruscans and Romans.