Frankly, there's no compelling reason for a tourist to stay in this neighborhood, but if you're in town primarily for a business convention (or the Flower Show) and prefer to stay right next to the Philadelphia Convention Center, the Hilton is your best bet. This is not only because of the level of comfort in the standardized but stylish rooms (renovated in December 2012), or because it has Hilton-level amenities (like the pool) that are lacking in some of its more budget-styled neighbors—though the Hilton prices, curiously, aren't really any higher. 

No, it's biggest selling point is that it has the best location of all the convention center–area hotels. Most of these are located up on Race Street along the north side of the massive Convention Center, which kind of cuts you off from the rest of downtown Philly. The Hilton, however, is across from the south side of the Convention Center, on Arch Street, putting it just three blocks east of City Hall and six blocks west of the historic sights on Independence Mall.  What's more, it is right next door to the amazing Reading Terminal Market, and just a block north of The Gallery at Market East, an urban mall that sits atop the city's most central rail station.