This efficient, Euro-style hotel a block east of posh Rittenhouse Square has been going strong since 1970 without resting on its laurels. Furnishings are contemporary and comfortable, with a décor that's richly colored but appropriately spare so as not to overpower the slightly smallish quarters. The hotel has made good use of the 1907 landmark building itself, using its bay windows to create little sitting nooks in the King rooms. A bit cheaper than some of its comparable Rittenhouse-area neighbors, The Latham nevertheless offers some nice little touches, such as Keurig coffeemakers in the rooms and free chauffeur services.

Sadly, the ground-floor Urban Enoteca—a modern Italian wine bar with two dozen vinos by the glass that opened in 2012—does not inspire, and is pricey for what you get. 

One fact-correcting quibble: The hotel's website occasionally uses the phrase "overlooking Rittenhouse Square." This is not true—certainly not when it is used to describe the restaurant. Perhaps some upper-floor rooms do get a peek at a bit of the square's greenery in the distance, but in point of fact The Latham is located a full block east of Rittenhouse Square—and on the far side of 17th Street to boot. I am not saying its location detracts from the hotel in any way; I only point it out since the website chose to use such misleading language. Perhaps they meant the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood?