Beer magazines and international ale aficionados have finally caught on to what we Philadelphians have known since 1997: This is the best place to get a beer in Philly. And not just Philly. It consistently ranks among the best bars in the U.S. This is not because of the cramped tables or the busy, though thoroughly knowledgable, staff. It's for the beer. There are about 20 (often obscure) varieties on tap and another 300+ in bottles, including many complex and powerful Belgian brews. For s ome reason, the Penn crowd has adopted this beer-connoisseur's spot, but you should go regardless of the elbow-throwing crowd, if only for the house's special Flemish sour ale accompanied by a bucket of mussels and a pile of crispy house fries. (The burgers are decent, though the crusty, oversized buns pose a bit of a biting-into challenge.)