Barclay Prime offers red meat with a boutique vibe. The checkerboard-floored bar and lounge areas capture the 1929 feel of the old Barclay's hotel, but the dining room feels much more '60s mod with its low horizontal lines, wood panelling, and curvaceous leather booths in fetching alternating mustard and avocado. It's a stylish but understated space in which to carve your perfectly prepared bespoke beef (with a steak knife selected from a small armory of makes and styles). This steak emporium offers Gauchot & Gauchot prime dry-aged rib-eye, Kobe sliders, and a Wagyu     "cheesesteak" larded with foie gras and (get this) truffled cheese whiz that seems designed mainly so that expense-accounters can boast that they spent $100 on a cheesesteak. There's also a selection from a raw bar to get your oyster on (or your hamachi crudo or Alaskan king crab cocktail).