The elegant Four Seasons off Logan Circle houses this tailored, special-occasion affair, where Sunday brunch is to die for and service is king (albeit sometimes slow). The Fountain Restaurant is as popular among the business set at lunch as it is for a romantic evening out. Though not required, jackets are suggested, especially at dinner. The cuisine is French-inflected modern American, with nods to the home turf such as the signature Philly cheesesteak spring rolls. The seasonal menus tend toward earthy and flavorful tones, and some ingredients are as locavore as you can get—they're grown on the hotel's rooftop garden. This is definitely a place to go all out and order a multi-course tasting menu.

The setting can best be described as casually immaculate, comfortable yet refined, with fine tableware and glass art and picture window views of its namesake Swann Memorial Fountain on the plaza outside. That said, it does still feel like a hotel restaurant—a bit too wide open to achieve the intimate, luxe effect it seems to desire (and that its prices would suggest). Also worth checking out: The afternoon tea served in the separate "Lounge" dining area of the hotel Monday to Saturday from 3-4:30pm.