This family-run Chinatown spot packs them in night after night to slurp up garlicky good-for-you greens, hearty duck noodle soup, sea bass, kung pao baby lobster, black pepper hot pots, and a renowned salt-baked squid. This is Chinese home-cooking, not fine dining, so be prepared for a bit of bustle, and overworked servers who do double duty fielding the take-out patrons who mingle with those waiting for a table during busiest lunch and dinner hours. The menu is ridiculously long, but this is the kind of place where you can feel comfortable ordering one of everything that sounds tasty to split and share with your entire party. After all, few dishes top $11, and the only item on the menu to crack $13.50 is the Peking duck.

Note: This is one of Philly's many BYO eateries, so you'll have to bring your own beer or wine. (Annoying, yes; blame  Pennsylvania's byzantine alcohol laws and overpriced liquor licenses).