Can't decide where to eat? Having an argument over a cuisine type for lunch? Just browse the 80 often amazing food stands in this 114-year-old farmers' market and eatery emporium installed the old train station near the convention center.  You can find everything from Amish to Indian, soul food to sushi, C ajun to cheesesteaks. The trick is finding a free table in one of the cramped seating areas (many stalls have counter stools or pocket-sized seating nooks as well). 

A few favorites and standbys: Beck's Cajun Café, the Indian-Pakistani cuisine at Nanee's Kitchen, and the rib-busting breakfasts at Dutch Eating Place (try the scrapple, Pennsylvania's patented you-don't-want-to-know-what's-in-it minced, spiced, fried meat product). Oh, and grab an Amish pretzel from Miller's Twist to take with you for later.  There's also the famous Down Home Diner (which, as a plus, remains open to 9pm Mon-Sat, and opens Sunday 8am–6pm through its own entrance on Filbert Street), but, frankly, it's mostly riding on its rep these days. If you ask me, it hasn't been the same since they took the squirrel stew and other Depression-era classics off the menu. No matter what you eat, be sure to visit local ice cream fave Bassett's for dessert.

(And to think, when the Convention Center was being built across the street, some of its developers and aligned city officials wanted to replace all of this with a standardized food court of national chain eateries. Public outcry saved our beloved Reading Terminal Market as-is.)