This gourmet pub in Rittenhouse is where you'll find Philly’s longest whiskey list—and an even longer barstool wait.  To eat? Burgers. And fries cooked in duck fat. Oh, there are a few other sandwiches, sure, and bowls of lobster mac and cheese. But you don't come to Village Whiskey for the chicken sandwich. You come for the Whiskey King, a burger laden with blue cheese, applewood bacon, foie gras, and maple bourbon–glazed cipollini mushrooms that’ll knock you clean off that hard-won seat. (Hopefully, your wallet will break your fall—just before they relieve it of the $26 that burger costs.) There's also a barely pared-down late-night menu available after 11pm, and a weekend brunch menu that includes a short rib skillet with a poached egg and duck fat potato hash.