You wouldn't know it to look at this unassuming modern space on the second floor of a low, nondescript brick building set on the northern flank of the Society Hill Towers hillock, but this Israeli eatery has been one of Philly foodies' most beloved spots since 2008. The fine dining vibe is an odd combination of elegance and slightly distracting noise, as the open space amplifies the level of music and hubbub.

Fans swear by the amazingly rich hummus and savory kebabs, and this is the kind of place to make you believe in vegetables again, with stellar eggplant, cauliflower, and squash dishes. Also don't miss the duck kebab meatballs, or the crispy haloumi, a deep-fried cheese topped with apples, dates, and walnuts.

You can sometimes stumble across an open table, but it pays to book ahead, especially as so many other patrons do (particularly for pre- and post-movie meals, as it's just a block from the Ritz, Philly premier multi-screen art house cinema).