Never mind that this is a hotel restaurant (in a big Westin): The menu and overall experience makes it worth dining here whether you’re staying at the hotel or not (and worth walking over to if you’re in the Kierland Commons Mall next door). Get ready for a heady mix of Asian and Mexican. You enter down a hushed stairwell with Japanese lanterns lighting your way; the luscious, crimson-drenched dining room surrounds an open kitchen with seating around it. It feels like . . . a sushi bar, really, but the specialty here is ceviche, a kaleidoscopic list of which, all delectable, is one of the high points of the menu. The meat and seafood dishes are all done with verve—like the 24 Hour Wagyu Shortrib with black garlic lacquer, jalepeño chimichurri, and crispy Brussels sprouts. For dessert, get the Oasis—a medley of tropical flavors served in a mischievous glass terrarium.