Restaurateur Richardson Browne is a Phoenix iconoclast. One of his restaurants doesn’t even have a sign. (Called Dick’s Hideaway, it’s highly recommended for serious drinkers.) Another is called, for some reason, Rokerij—and Phoenix isn’t a town that likes furrin-sounding names. Anyway, Richardson’s flagship, just across the parking lot from Rokerij, has a no-nonsense name for a sensational experience, perfect for anyone who wants to explore the dark and dusky flavors of New Mexico Mexican food. Start with the New Mexico con queso, a cheese dip with spinach, onions, and chorizo. Someone in your party needs to get the roasted pork mole, that classic Mexican sauce with a base of chilis, allspice, and cloves that lends itself to extraordinary culinary experiments. Then poke around in the rest of the menu, with delightful interpretations of classic meals, like chicken cordon bleu with green chili and jalapeno hollandaise. It’s lots of fun for brunch and lunch, which it serves daily. Some dishes are quite hot; the kitchen suggests you ask for a taste in advance if you’re unsure whether you can take the heat. Richardson’s Rule, as articulated on the menu: “You order it, you own it.”