This Buddhist temple is 6km (4 miles) southwest of Pingyao and easily reached by bicycle, motor-rickshaw (¥40 round-trip), or taxi (¥60-¥80 round-trip). Built in the 6th century, the complex underwent large-scale renovations during the Ming dynasty. It is most famous for the 2,000-plus painted statues distributed among 10 halls in three connected courtyards. Highlights include the arhats in Tianwang Dian. Princely and dignified, they are a refreshing change from the usual gilded, grotesque variety. Statues of worshipers depict commoners in everyday dress looking humble and devout and nothing like the serene, finely clad bodhisattvas nearby. In the Pusa Dian (Bodhisattva Palace), which contains a thousand-armed Guanyin, look up at the ceiling where the green, three-clawed, round-bellied figure of a guard keeps watch.