Most Pingyao restaurants specialize in Shanxi and local cuisine, which emphasize wheat pastas, meat pies, Pingyao beef (similar to corned beef in color and taste), and fried cakes and breads. All are well-accompanied by a bottle of the local Xinghuacun beer. Two of the best restaurants in town are in the recommended Deju Yuan and Tian Yuan Kui guesthouses. Dinner for two costs ¥30 to ¥50. Nearly every restaurant in town serves a version of laolao youmian (sometimes called wowo). These small rings of husked-oat pasta are served pressed together in a bamboo steamer. The sauce that accompanies the dish varies from place to place, but Deju Yuan serves one of the best. The pasta is so substantial that it almost tastes like cornmeal, while the tomato-based sauce -- flavorful and slightly hot -- is reminiscent of a light tamale sauce. Xiangsu ji (crispy aromatic chicken) is also highly recommended, as is the lightly sweet youzha gao (crispy puff with date and red bean paste). Try corned beef with potatoes (tudou shao niurou) at Tian Yuan Kui; or try any of their numerous noodle dishes, made from husked oat, yellow bean, or sorghum flour. Most famous is the pasta shaped like little cats' ears (mao erduo). Both restaurants also serve good Western breakfasts, including delicious omelets and fruit crepes. For a drink, dessert or snack, try the Sakura Cafe (8am-midnight), located on the corner of Dong Dajie and Nan Dajie; it serves an all-encompassing range of Western and local dishes and has other branches throughout China, and even in Laos and Thailand. The apple pie and ice cream (¥24) is recommended. For a quiet drink, the cozy Jincheng Bar at 81 Xi Dajie is worth seeking out.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.