Tourists who find their way to this locals’ taqueria will be treated to traditional Mexican comfort food with a contemporary twist. Tostadas are made with corn tortillas lightly sautéed in olive oil, loaded with shrimp, tuna, or other fish, and crowned with red cabbage, cucumber, strawberry-habanero salsa, or any number of intriguing toppings; it’s your choice. The place is also known for its ceviche, and fish and seafood tacos served with a wide array of sauces. Because it closes at 7pm, it’s busiest at lunchtime, but if you’re willing to have an early dinner you’ll have your pick of excellent seafood platters. Aguachiles opened a second location in mid-2012 on Av. Constituyentes, between avenidas 5 and 1, [tel] 984/803-1583. (Same hours, though.) NOTE: No credit cards accepted.