Don’t overlook this sweet little spot around the corner from Quinta Avenida. There’s usually a bright pink sign outside showing daily specials. Duck through the vine-covered entryway and claim one of the seven yellow, pink, or blue wooden tables covered with purple lace, a floral cloth, or various other textiles. You'll soon receive a stone molcajete (normally used for grinding spices) with salsa and extra ingredients including chopped tomatoes, onions, and chilies for DIY flavor. The menu changes daily but you can count on getting black beans, rice, and veggies—all in separate clay bowls—with your entree. I adore the aguachile appetizer with its tangy lime marinade mixed with shrimp, and the hearty pozole, a hominy stew. You can’t miss the aroma of cochinita pibil on Sundays, as the cooks roast marinated pork in banana leaves in an earthen pit with hot volcanic rocks—be prepared to wait for a table. Delightfu!

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