Owner and local surf legend Louis Wilson came to Costa Rica decades ago for the waves. He’s stayed and still surfs, but has also been a leading figure in creating a protected habitat for the nesting sea turtles here in Playa Grande. The hotel sits right at the center of Playa Grande, near some of the best breaks, and is quite popular with surfers. Some guests complain about the lack of ocean view at this beachfront hotel. However, the reason is simple, a natural barrier of trees and shrubs is a deliberate measure to block manmade lighting from reaching the beach, as it confuses and scares off potential nesting turtles. Rooms here vary greatly in size and comfort level. All have a/c, and the main lodge rooms boast cool, smooth, local-stone floors and interesting accents like clear glass blocks used in walls. Economy rancho rooms, on the other hand, feel a little small and dormlike, with bunk beds and limited natural light. The hotel also rents and manages fully equipped apartments and condominiums.