This multimedia amusement park in a suburb of Poitiers is a wonderland of technology that lets you experience sounds, images, and sensations with the world’s most advanced film-projection techniques and largest screens. The architecture is extraordinary—take a peek at the Kinémax, a 400-seat cinema shaped like a rock crystal covered with mirrors, or the Cité du Numérique (Digital City), a giant glass triangle with a huge white globe sitting in the middle. The site has six IMAX theaters, as well as attractions that use 3-D technology, motion simulators, and sophisticated lighting effects. Attractions let you rocket deep into space, dive under the ocean, or fly up in the air for a virtual sky tour. New rides include a space adventure with Thomas Pesquet, the Extraordinary Voyage where you fly over every conceivable landscape around the world, and the ever-popular Dance with the Robots ride. In July and August every night until 10pm, les nocturnes are staged with illuminated fountains, lights, and recorded music, including a new event staged by the team behind Cirque du Soleil. 

The park’s success is such that it has its own TGV train station with direct connections to Bordeaux, Paris, and other major cities, as well as a selection of hotels and restaurants (detailed on the website).