If you're under 35 or want to act like those who are, it is practically against the law not to go for an aperitivo at Frontone. Though it's less than 1km (3/4 mile) north of the port, the beach at Frontone is not accessible by land, so you have to take a shuttle boat from Ponza port (4€ round-trip from Molo Santa Lucia). Hopping on one of these small motorboats at sunset is part of the fun. Once you arrive, make your way to the decks of the Sporting Club Frontone (tel. 0771/80755), which is the rustic outdoor bar set up among the trees just behind the sand. The scene here is sun-kissed Roman girls with bikini-perfect bodies, swaying to the music, cocktail in hand, and hipster Roman guys looking like they've shown up to audition for "The Real World." The dress code at Frontone is strict: You must be in your bathing suit. Not the bathing suit you wore all day, mind you, but a clean one, unsullied by sweat and saltwater, that shows off your figure and your tan to maximum effect. Women may choose to don a sarong for more modesty, and men may wear a loose-fitting T-shirt, but that's it as far as cover-ups. Frontone is not overtly flashy at all, but the atmosphere here feels like a very exclusive party.

Besides mixing with the trendy and tanned at Frontone, there are plenty other places on Ponza for drinks before and after dinner. The classic coffee bar in Ponza port, Bar Tripoli (Corso Pisacane; tel. 0771/809862) serves cocktails and munchies at the aperitivo hour and well into the night. By far the most romantic spot is Kibar at the Chiaia di Luna hotel (tel. 0771/80113). Alfresco, theater-like terraces are outfitted with boho chic benches and pillows and surrounded by lush bougainvillea (none of which interferes with that stunning vista of the bay and towering rock wall below). Yes, you'll pay 15€ for a mojito, but oh, that view!

After dinner, it's time to go dancing at Mamafé (Via Campo Inglese, 4km/2 1/2 miles north of Ponza port; tel. 0771/808362; open mid-June to mid-Sept). In the tradition of the Italian seaside discoteca, it's a little cheesy but full of eye candy for both sexes.

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