Goblin Hill is a little slice of paradise, a small collection of dated but still nicely outfitted semi-detached villas, each a one- or two-bedroom tropical townhouse with kitchen, patio or balcony, and mosquito nets in case you don’t want to rely on the air conditioning. These stagger across the clipped lawns on the resort’s jungle-like 12 acres so that each gets a sea view.

Arbors draped with flowers flank the pool. Adirondack chairs are positioned to look over the rainforest to the azure curve of the bay below. The Tree Bar wraps around a giant ficus. A string hammock is slung in the shade of a low, spreading almond tree. A long staircase descends to the sheltered white sands of San San beach. Best of all, your housekeeper doubles as your personal cook, preparing meals to your specifications. (This is not included in the rates; you just reimburse her for groceries.)

 - Reid Bramblett