Chef Cherry Cousins and her impresario husband/server/maitre d’/reggae crooner Papa Woody run this roadside shack, the bar papered and painted with Jamaican-style quips of wisdom, the dining room a corrugated tin teepee over plastic tables ringed by beachy murals.

During the day, this is the best spot in Jamaica for burgers and crispy fries—including excellent homemade vegetable burgers so good even carnivores often opt for one (perhaps because the beef burgers are a bit on the small side)—accompanied by a cold Red Stripe or spicy homemade ginger beer.

Since all food is cooked to order at dinner, reservations are required for the evening, but worth it for such Jamaican classics as chicken (curried, jerked, or brown stewed), “run down” catch of the day in a coconut sauce, and a creamy eight-veggie soup. Good news: Bottles of the house jerk sauce are available for purchase. No credit cards. 

 - Reid Bramblett