Beside a sheltered bay and between Cape Formentor to the north and Cape del Pinar to the south lies Port de Pollença, 65km (40 miles) north of Palma. The town is between two hills: Calvary to the west and Puig to the east. Calvary Chapel offers the best views of the resort and the bay, which provides excellent water-skiing and sailing.

Low-rise hotels, private homes, restaurants, and snack bars line the very attractive beach, which is somewhat narrow at its northwestern end but has some of the island's finest, whitest sand and warmest, clearest water. For several miles along the bay there is a pleasant pedestrian promenade. There is only one luxury hotel in the area, however, and that is out on the Formentor Peninsula.

Tons of fine white sand were imported to the beach at the southeastern end of Pollença Bay to create a broad ribbon of sunbathing space that stretches for several miles along the bay. Windsurfing, water-skiing, and scuba diving are among the watersports offered in the area.

Cabo de Formentor, "the devil's tail," can be reached from Port de Pollença via a spectacular road, twisting along to the lighthouse at the cape's end. Formentor is Majorca's fjord country -- a dramatic landscape of mountains, pine trees, rocks, and sea, plus some of the best beaches in Majorca. In Cape Formentor, you'll see miradores, or lookout windows, which provide panoramic views.