Perhaps no building in Portland is more famous than this imposing High Victorian manse, built from 1858 to 1860 of brownstone after plans by New Haven architect Henry Austin. This home, also known as the Morse Libby House, is the nation’s premier showpiece of Victorian architecture. Details fill the interior, from wonderful and plentiful mural work to a grand staircase, gas-fueled chandeliers (“gasoliers”), Persian-style rugs hand-woven in Scotland, stained glass, nearly all the original furniture, and plaster work and cabinets by famed interior decorator Gustave Herter. Yes, it’s pricey and over the top, but a must-see for anyone serious about architectural history. Most days, tours are offered, but some days are set aside for self-guided tours, so check the calendar before buying tickets. The month of December is particularly lively here, with themed decorations, parties, tours, and special events.