This Old Port chain eatery is styled after an Irish pub, though it’s somewhat fancier than real Irish pubs. (Patriots and Red Sox are on the TV instead of soccer—sorry, “footie.”) They’ve got the decor right, at least: the doors were imported from a pub in Kilkenny, and the back bar and counter are from other public drinking houses in County Louth. Upstairs beyond the pub is a dining room with a view of the docks; look for Irish breakfast all day, fish and chips, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and Guinness bread pudding, plus a few more upscale dishes such as crab-filled salmon, Derrybeg pork (which is glazed with apricot, mustard, and cider), and boxty, a scallion-potato pancake topped with parsley sauce and meat. It's a rowdy place on a weekend night, with good live music more often than not.