If (like me) you grew up before the era of Playstations and Xboxes, then the flashing lights and digital bleeps that fill this throwback lounge on the edge of Chinatown will zap you back to childhood faster than a hyperspace button. Two floors of arcade games and pinball machines include all the classics, from Dig Dug to Donkey Kong, and there are also a few relatively newer models like Dance Dance Revolution and four-person Pac Man. Even better, there's a full bar, a menu of junk food (chili cheese dogs, nachos, even PB&Js) and DJs in the evenings. And the games are still just a quarter! All ages are admitted until 5pm, but after that it's 21-and-over. On the last Wednesday and second Thursday of every month, a $5 cover charge lets you play all the games you want for free, all night. There's also a cover charge (without free play) during peak hours on weekends.