The most famous port-wine center is Sandeman, owned by Seagram's of Canada. In a former 16th-century convent, George Sandeman of Scotland established Sandeman in 1790. Originally founded in 1780, the company became notorious in the 1920s for its ad campaigns, which featured sex appeal in ways never before seen in the port wine industry. (Satyrs carrying gleeful, scantily clad flappers off into the forest for a glass of port or whatever. . . . ) The Sandeman "Don," created in 1928, and inspired by the cape-clad troubadours of Coimbra, has been viewed as one of the most compelling and successful images in the world of advertising. Sandeman "Splash," wherein white port is used as a mixer with virtually anything, is the campaign of the minute. The House of Sandeman also operates a museum that traces the history of port wine and of the company. You can purchase Sandeman products on the premises.