Take an 18th-century manor house surrounded by a romantic park with splendid views over the Douro. Add a hugely talented chef with a track record of picking up international awards, including a Michelin star, and you have Antiqvvm. Opened in 2015, it quickly established itself as one of Porto's fine-dining favorites. Vitor Matos proposes art-on-a-plate tasting menus that open with scallop and champagne ravioli with oyster, ginger and cauliflower sauce and finish with a dessert that brings in pumpkin, beet, tomato and pistachios. Mains include something Matos calls "Portugal on a plate" that combines pig's cheek in Douro wine sauce with bone marrow, smoked sausage, couscous and fava beans. The dining room's row of arched stone windows overlook a formal garden located like a balcony over the river. The house upstairs holds a museum dedicated to romanticism.