Nestled in the rock wall above Fornillo beach, this folksy, vine-covered restaurant has Positano's most intimate waterside setting—and it's blessedly removed from the worst crowds of town. The rustic setting and cliffside position give Lo Guarracino the feel of a treehouse, and if atmosphere were the only thing it offered, it would still be worth it. But the food—traditional Neapolitan pastas and seafood preparations, for the most part, plus wood-fired pizzas—doesn't disappoint. Favorite dishes are the seafood pizza and the restaurant's signature dish, tagliolini al limone, thin egg noodles with a heavenly, creamy lemon sauce. Be here at sunset for the most romantic experience, and order the large ceramic jug of house wine, because with views this blissful, you'll want to linger. (And do expect to linger—service is pleasant though not all that speedy here.)