If you're the kind of traveler who likes activity and innovation—or are traveling with active children—this swank resort should suit you well. Its Kids Club is topnotch, offering morning to evening activities that make use of all the resorts facilities from its lovely beach to its lazy river. For older children and the young–at–heart, the beach activity center offers a raft of lessons, some that you won't find anywhere else (like instruction in the new—and wacky—sport of "fly boarding" which has vacationers strapping on boots which then pump out water at such a high velocity they allow the wearer to "float" up to 40-feet above the surface of the water). The gym is topnotch; there are multiple gorgeous pools (two of which are adult-only). And in a first for a Four Seasons, they have a "cultural concierge", an erudite gentleman who gives compelling lectures every afternoon and some evenings on such topics as the history of chocolate, astronomy, native Mexican culture and tequila.

This is also a resort for those who like to eat well as the restaurants are overseen by star chef Richard Sandoval, meaning that the quality of the food is quite high.

And after all of this fun and feasting, we think you may not mind that your room, while luxury laden (down to the top-of-the-line electronics and toiletries) are a bit bland in their looks. You know that you're in a Four Seasons by the cushiness of the beds and the quality of the linens, but frankly you could be a hotel anywhere on the planet. There's just not enough here that reflects the vibrant character of Mexico (I think).

Still, the service is topnotch, and as I said before, you won't be wanting for entertainment here.

-Pauline Frommer