Named for the spectacular sunsets that grace San Pancho’s tidy little beach, this B&B is very obviously an act of love for its two owners, one of whom is the clothing designer whose snazzy garments are artfully hung in a small area of the lobby. The other owner is a chef, one who takes organic and healthy cooking seriously, so the included breakfasts tend to be pretty special: “Buddha bowls” with fresh spinach, grains and eggs; green juices (don’t worry, they’re tasty); freshly baked breads; and more. Rooms are simple but chic, with hand-painted decorative pillows on the beds; big windows lighting up the white walls; tidy tile floors; and little knick-knacks here and there. The beds are a bit hard, but that’s common for Mexico (they’re no harder here than at hotels twice as costly).

-Pauline Frommer