First things first: if you stay here, it's likely you'll be wearing a white veil (or will be very close to someone who is so attired). One of the most popular hotels in Puerto Vallarta for weddings, the Playa Fiesta Beach Club embodies romance. The staff are veritable "cupids", always at hand to make sure everyone is well-taken care of and with an almost supernatural ability to remember the names of all the guests. The food is ambrosial. And the setting, right on a white sand beach, with a lovely pool and an outdoor area with a wall designed to hold small candles come nightfall, couldn't be more sensual. Plus the hotel is small enough so that an average-sized wedding party can take over the place (and not have to to worry about other guests accidentally stumbling into the ceremony.)

Those factors are both the hotel's strengths and its weakness because it's near impossible to get a room here, most of the year, if you're NOT with a wedding party. Still, you can try, and the factors I've described above, plus the charming rooms (all oceanfront with honeymoon-worthy, white duvet-swathed beds and handsomely rustic furnishings) certainly make this a top choice. Good luck getting a reservation!