Since 1986, Archie's has been legendary in Puerto Vallarta for serving original cuisine influenced by the intriguing flavors of Southeast Asia, and today the restaurant remains as impressive as ever. Archie was Hollywood director John Huston's private chef during the years he spent in the area. Today his family upholds his legacy at this tranquil Asian-inspired retreat, where fountains trickle and table candle lights flicker by night. The Thai Mai Tai and other tropical drinks, made from only fresh fruit and juices, are a good way to kick off a meal, as are the consistently crispy and delicious Filipino spring rolls. The popular Singapore fish filet features lightly battered filet strips in sweet-and-sour sauce; the delicious barbecue pork riblets are baked for 5 hours and then served with a rich oyster sauce. Friday and Saturday from 7:30 to 10:30pm, there's live classical harp and flute in Archie's Oriental garden.