No fusion here! Arrayán proudly serves up classic Mexican cuisine in a brick-walled, cozy room and open air dining area (in its own courtyard) filled with folk art, the tables topped with cheery, floral-print tablecloths.  You'll want to prime for dinner with one of the arrayan margaritas (Arrayán is a little sour and sweet fruit, native to Jalisco)—we know of no other place in town that serves them, and they're spectacular. Then order an array of appetizers for the table: some ceviche, scrumptious pickled duck tostadas, and, if you're adventurous, some of the roasted cricket tacos.  Among the many excellent entrees is a tangy beef barbacoa, more duck (the duck carnitas  come with a delish guajillo-orange-arrayan sauce) and Yucatan-inspired shredded pork (cochinita pibil). Service is warm and efficient and the atmosphere highly convivial.