Surrounded by koi ponds next to the CasaMagna Marriott, this fun teppanyaki-style restaurant is a favorite among families and celebratory groups. Up to eight people gather around each of the communal tables with a built-in steel grill, as the Mexican-turned-Japanese chef puts on a culinary show of juggling spatulas, flying shrimp, tossed eggs, and steaming onion volcanoes that will delight children and adults alike. Order a la carte or a complete progressive dinner, which includes miso soup and salad along with your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, or fish prepared flaming in front of your eyes. Each complete dinner is served with steamed or fried rice and fresh grilled vegetables, topped off with green tea and sorbet. Mikado also offers sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and noodle dishes, and there are a few non-teppanyaki tables for those who prefer more private dining.