The jump from ceviche to sushi isn't really such a big one. That's the conclusion I came to after gorging on the raw-fish concoctions at this delightful Mexican/Japanese fusion restaurant,  part of a small chain (the original is in Mexico city). In fact, after dining here, you may find yourself wishing that jalapeno peppers were always part of your hand-rolls, and that sashimi was routinely served on crispy tortas. Among the highlights of the menu are a number of creative rolls (with very fresh fish, chiles or curry and mayonaisse) and a fabulous grilled lettuce salad with a soy sauce dressing. All of the dishes have a touch of heat to them, so if you're adverse to spice, let the waiter know. As for the ambiance: there isn't much, but it's a dignified place that looks like any number of low-key sushi joints in all corners of the globe.

-Pauline Frommer