This is everybody’s favorite Punta Cana Asian restaurant, a place to go for large portions or curries and other Thai and Malaysian specialties served on plates lined by banana leaves. Set in a lush garden of palm and tropical plants, Balicana’s tables scatter from the funky Asian-modern interiors of a trio of thatched roof out onto the deck of the adjacent swimming pool. The Colombian owners Sinuhe and Patricia—who made a living setting up Latin outposts of the Hard Rock Cafe empire before branching out to open their own joint. 
The menu hews mostly to Thai staples, with a few detours in Malaysian spices and Chinese cuisine: Sesame garlic chicken, coconut curry, pad thai, nasi goreng, chili sweet and sour pork, or pineapple chicken curry. Whenever you see a dish offered with various proteins (chicken, shrimp, beef, or tofu), you can usually also order it “Balicana” style, picking any three means/tofu.