This unassuming modern little restaurant with tables scattered on the patio sidewalk halfway between Los Corales and El Cortecito serves some of the tastiest, most filling, and least expensive Mexican food in Putna Cana—head and shoulders above the Mexican-style restaurants in any of the big resorts.

There is an international selection of Italian pastas, American hamburgers and club sandwiches, and Caribbean faves (yummy coconut shrimp with homemade tartar sauce). But chef Hernan Huicochea is from Mexico, and that cuisine is where he really shines: The tortas and tostadas, fajitas and enchiladas, the Mexican-style grouper (with tomatoes, onions, olives, herbs, and olive oil), cochinita pibil (pork seasoned with the Yucatán achiote paste), and sopa Azteca (slow-cooked tomato soup topped with cheese, chicharron, avocado, cream, and fried tortilla strips).