At 38m (125 ft.) high, 42m (138 ft.) long, and weighing in at 500 tons, this huge monument to Chinese propaganda is visible from just about any part of the city. Atop a mountain beyond the northern suburbs, this enormous statue portrays Zheng Chenggong, a Ming pirate who routed the Dutch from Taiwan and who, unlike most other pirates from around the world, has been a national hero ever since. The best way to get to this massive monolith is as a side trip on the way back from Chongwu. Once the general, who is seated astride an equally gigantic stallion, comes into view, jump off the bus and hail a moto-taxi to take you the rest of the way for ¥5 to ¥10. Up close, however, the monster statue of the great patriot on horseback is rather disappointing, being of a hollow metal-plate construction rather than local stone as one might have expected. Still, the views of Quanzhou are excellent.