QUÉBÉCOIS Situated within one of Upper Town’s oldest homes (circa 1675), under a hard-to-miss, quaintly red roof, is the city’s favorite destination for traditional Québécois cuisine. A dinner of pea soup, tourtiere (meat pie), baked beans, and maple syrup pie may sound basic, but these and the more contemporary adaptations of game (vacuum-cooked wild caribou filet mignon, for example) are prepared exceptionally well here. Small windows, low ceilings, checked tablecloths, and servers who dress in period costume add warmth and a smidge of whimsy to what is otherwise a fine dining (and expensive) night out. For a bargain, more than a dozen three-course early-bird specials (daily until 5:45pm) run less than C$25 and include wine or beer. On the other hand, if you want the filet of wild Inuit caribou, you’re looking at C$85.