QUÉBÉCOIS Initiale sets the gold standard for dining in Québec City and in the province. Set on a charming corner amidst Lower Town’s finest hotels, the entrance radiates an aura of serious decorum—the interior does as well. Ceilings are grandly high and there’s enough distance between tables to privately gush as each course is expertly presented. That’s why both young and mature couples alike celebrate milestone anniversaries here. The menu is designed to hit complex notes in a minimum of four courses with the chef’s strong preference that you take the eight-course grand menu (C$129), which might start with locally caught turbot or mackerel with currant lemon sauce and move into carrots with wild rose vinegar or braised pork cheek and black pudding. Duckling breast figures into the heartier dishes (still tiny by most standards), as does leg of lamb. Expect perfection with wine selections; you won’t be disappointed. On that note, expect it of desserts, too, such as raspberries in clover sauce with milk confiture (a kind of thick, sweet caramel jam).