As Canada’s oldest family-operated inn, Shaw’s was named a National Historic Site. Since 1860, the family has welcomed guests from around the world, particularly those from New England in Victorian times. A long walk down a quiet lane gets you to the National Park beach from the historic hotel and cottages. Newer cottages range from 1 to 4 bedroom for pretty well any size family and come with continental breakfast at the inn. Luxury chalets boast cozy fireplaces, full kitchens, and decks with barbeques (one to four bedrooms) ranging in looks from rustic to modern. The large property includes a playground that announces Shaw’s kid-friendly approach; ask about hayrides, singsongs, and scavenger hunts. The bright, very good dining room ★★ with a view of Brackley Bay serves Island-sourced produce, and foraged ingredients for a menu that will seem both familiar and of high quality.